This is the top of the line bed. It is known for giving the best tan in America! Almost pure UVA rays (only 1% is UVB, so less likely to burn) means it will give the darkest most natural looking tan possible. When compared to the normal tanning beds it will tan you 6-8 times FASTER, or only needed 2-3 times a month versus 2-3 times a week.

This is why the Matrix bed is $24 a session or 4 sessions with a package. All the advantages make it well worth the price.”


The only customized spray tanner in the industry! This spray bed will keep you warm and dry during the session. The heat allows for maximum absorption of the spray as well as the tanners comfort. The spray is your own unique customization. Choose first from Light, Medium or Dark for your level of color. Then you select the scents, accelerators, and/ or bronzers you would also like to add to your color level. This creates your unique tanning cocktail.

This is why the Mystic Spray bed is $24 a session or 4 sessions with a package. All the customizations make it well worth the price.

Watch this video to learn more about Mystic Tan HD!

Ultimate Bed

This is the best bed to get the longer lasting, golden tan that helps provide some protection from the sun. The Ultimate bed contains 4 1000 watt facial tanners as well as 26 160 watt very high output reflector bulbs in the top and 19 160 watt very high output in the bottom. These bulbs provide a very high UVA output with a perfect blend of UVB to give the ultimate tan.

This is why the Ultimate bed is $12 a session or 2 sessions with a package. Make it the best value for tanners prepping for vacation.

SunStorm 144

This is the biggest level 1 bed in Indiana! The bed offers a great combo of UVA to UVB that will provide a little protection from the sun with a longer lasting tan. Our Mega beds contain 44 bulbs making it a level 1 bed that no one can come close to!

This is why the Mega bed is $6 a session or 1 sessions with a package. The best tan for such a little price!

Stand Up

This gives the most even and fastest tan we can offer! By not laying on an acrylic there are no pressure points to cause discomfort or shadow areas from becoming tan. With the arms raised above your head even the hard to reach places are easily tanned. This bed contains 48 Bulbs that totally surrounds you and give a great UVA to UVB combo to help protect you in the sun.

This is why the Stand Up bed is $6 a session or 1 sessions with a package. Best value and bed for the tanner that needs help with the hard to reach places.